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Spanish for travelers

Spanish for travelers is intended for people who want to start a trip throughout Peru using the Spanish languaje.

spanish for travelers


Spanish for travelers course is available all year in private classes 10 hours and 20 hours per week. you will learn useful phrases for your travel vocabulary.

Objetives of Spanish for Travelers:

  • The main objective of this course is to give students the necessary tools to communicate in our country.
  • Other objective is to familiarize students with our own communicative situations a trip.
  • In the course we focus more on vocabulary and communicative situations that can arise on a trip.
  • In the classes we familiarize our students with cultural and intercultural aspects of Cusco.

With the knowledge acquired during this course, for you will be much easier to communicate while traveling in Spanish-speaking countries.

Details of Spanish for travelers

  • Price 10 hours: USD 75
  • Price 20 hours:USD 149
  • Start Date: Every Monday
  • Studens: 1 private
  • Schedule: Available all the day
  • Lessons: 10 and 20 hours per week

Other services offered in our school:

  • If you are looking for accommodation, we also offer accommodation service, allowing our students practice Spanish with local families and other hosted students.
  • We also offer tourist package to visit tourist attractions of Cusco, to see our packages click here.
  • Apart from Spanish for travelers, we also offer other courses, to see all courses click here.
  • We also have the Quechua Course.

Definitely, we are the best option to learn Spanish language in Cusco Peru.


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Price 10 hours: USD 75
Price 20 hours: USD 149
Start Date: Every Monday
Students: 1 Private
Schedule : Available all day
Lessons: 10 and 20  hours per week