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Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodation in Cusco? Wiracocha Spanish School is responsible for your accommodation during your internship in Cusco.

shared accommodation

Shared Accommodation at Wiracocha Spanish School

If you like to be independent and do things for yourself, Shared Accommodation is for you, you will share living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom with other students and volunteers except your room, the whole apartment is furnished and has wi-fi.

We’ll give you the keys to your apartment and room and you can you live there in complete independence, living in an apartment is a good choice for a long stay in Cusco.

Shared Accommodation features:

  • Price of accommodation is USD 80
  • The type of room is Single Room.
  • the service included: airport pick up.

In conclusion, Wiracocha Spanish School offer the best services of shared accommodation in Cusco.

Other Services offered at Wiracocha Spanish School:

  • We offer Spanish and Quechua classes, being the best option to learn those languages here in Cusco, to see our classes click here.
  • In our school we perform activities such as cooking lessons, salsa lessons, games and many more activities.
  • We also offer tourist packages to visit tourist attractions of Cusco, to see our packages click here.

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Price:  USD 80
Type of Room: Single Room
Included: Airport pick up